A multidisciplinary developer who has a unique blend of creative, technical, and managerial talents. Resolution-focused, team oriented, agile project manager with extensive knowledge and experience with modern technology. Valuable cost-effective leader of a small team of software developers with expertise in developing beautiful responsive web applications from concept to market. Specialized in dealing with assorted Operating System environments for development and system administration; fluent with UNIX/Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and other operating systems. Strives to develop gorgeous, innovative solutions to increase reliability, improve productivity and streamline production while maintaining a deep understanding of programming theory, languages, frameworks, and software development methodologies.


Programming Web Development Entrepreneurship Software Project Management Server Architecture Web Servers Web Services & Applications CSS3 HTML5 JavaScript JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries nodejs jQuery Perl Python PHP PHP Frameworks & Libraries Java C C++ C# Objective-C Bash Shell Scripting Puppet git SVN mercurial Unix Networking Unix Administration Unix Software Apache nginx FFmpeg Data Design Database Administration Relational Databases MySQL MariaDB phpMyAdmin MSSQL Postgres sqlite mongodb Redis CouchDB DynamoDB NoSQL / Document Based Storage Facebook Graph API Google APIs Foursquare API Twitter API PayPal API Twilio API Stripe API oAuth Object Oriented Design Amazon Web Services Linode VPS Product Management Business Strategy Project Implementation & Execution Business Operations Management Business Management Internet Marketing SEO/SEM Google Analytics Google Adwords Google App Engine Vim Sublime Text 2 Atom Adobe Creative Suite


Listener Approved

Founder & CEO
April 2010 - Present

At Listener Approved we create tools and applications for independent artists, producers, promoters, venues, festivals, and other various industry professionals to better bridge the gap between music and technology.

Our core product, Listener Approved, is an open platform that promotes free independent music by empowering independent musicians to better promote themselves, their events, and their works of art. We also put the power of recommendation in the hands of the listeners by completely relying on them to determine the songs and artists they like. Through either up-voting or down-voting a song, listeners have the ability to highlight the new music submitted by any musician that uses the platform, curating the highest rated tracks to the top of the Listener Approved charts for their peers to enjoy.

The Listener Approved team also works directly with artists, venues, promoters, labels, managers, and agents to develop custom solutions to better suit their technical needs.

Tools utilized: Ubuntu Linux nodejs mongodb MySQL JavaScript jQuery Underscore Async Puppet Java Objective-C C# HTML5 & CSS3 oAuth Facebook Graph API Twitter API YouTube API Foursquare API PayPal API Google APIs Android iOS Windows Phone 7 Google Storage CloudFlare Amazon Web Services EC2 RDS git FFmpeg Photoshop Illustrator Sublime Text 2 Eclipse X code


November 2012 - Present

PassDefense is a service that offers developers an API to better secure and store their users authentication credentials.

By separating personal information from passwords, PassDefense makes it easy for application developers of any background to authenticate and secure their user’s data.

Tools utilized: Ubuntu Linux nodejs MySQL JavaScript jQuery Underscore Async Puppet HTML5 & CSS3 Google Storage CloudFlare Stripe API Amazon Web Services EC2 RDS git

Veterans United

Web Developer
August 2010 - December 2010
  • Facebook Application Development - MilitaryBasebook
  • HTML5/CSS3/JS/PHP Development
  • Relied on heavy use of the Facebook Graph API
  • Database Management - MySQL, phpmyadmin
  • Collaborative Project Development – SVN

University of Missouri Division of Information Technology

Support Specialist
May 2010 - August 2010
  • Campus wide administrator of network devices, resolving issues with a variety of computer systems, workstations, and peripheral hardware
  • Provide second-tier support for products and services offered by the combined IT division, support customers by assisting in training and performing hardware and software installations
  • Manage remote team of consultants, making certain all employees are on time and all sites are staffed
  • Support administrative processes such as teaching and learning, research, service, and economic development

Clark Insurance Agency

Systems Administrator
March 2006 - May 2008
  • Responsible for the strategic development and implementation of cost-effective technology as well as small business solutions designed to improve efficiency, productivity, streamlined operations, and faster access to critical client information
  • System Administrator of company network, responsible for configuration and maintenance for a wide array of systems, workstations, and peripheral hardware
  • Setup company email server and implemented and deployed new workgroup servers and network firewall filters, providing complete system support and training
  • Client Database Management - AMS Systems
  • Web Development using Joomla & HTML/CSS


University of Missouri - Columbia

Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies
Computer Science & Information Technology
June 2008 - December 2013