A multidisciplinary engineer with a unique blend of technical, creative and managerial talents. Resolution-focused, team oriented, product developer with extensive knowledge and experience with bleeding edge technology. Change agent, with hands on experience alongside multiple software teams with expertise in molding engineers. Specialized in dealing with a plethora of technologies to build reliable distributed software applications from concept to market, with a strong emphasis on open-source software. Maintains a deep understanding of programming theory, protocols, languages, frameworks, algorithms, automation, tooling, methodologies and lifecycle approaches. Strives to develop valuable, maintainable and innovative solutions to increase reliability, promote user experience, improve productivity and streamline production deployments.


Powerflex Systems

Principal Site Reliability Engineer

April 2021 - Present
  • Transformed diverse teams of developers into lean agile teams utilizing continuous flow Kanban and XP principles
  • Mentored software teams organization wide on 12 Factor Applications (12FA), test and behavior driven development (TDD/BDD), regression testing, deep healthchecks, source control strategies, GitOps, performance monitoring, distributed tracing, semantic versioning, chaos engineering, infrastructure as code, and continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD)
  • Managed team of engineers, leading day to day ceremonies, practices, story planning and road mapping of product delivery
  • Unified product, development and operations teams around lean agile framework and consulted on organizational structure and job descriptions for desired key personnel

Tools utilized: Kubernetes Istio Kustomize Skaffold ArgoCD Argo Workflows Argo Rollouts Skupper Terraform Docker Envoy Nginx NATS Prometheus Thanos Tempo Loki Grafana Stackdriver Helm React Rust go nodejs JavaScript gRPC Ansible CloudSQL Python Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Microservices Postgres Keycloak Rancher GitHub Actions Vault Docker Google Storage K3OS Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) OS2 OpenTelemetry git

Powerflex Systems

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

September 2019 - April 2021
  • Ushered in the practice of Site Reliability Engineering within the organization as a method to support the needs of multiple software teams across a variety of products, technology stacks, cloud platforms and time zones
  • Deployed and managed multistage containerized application environments spanning instances residing on multiple cloud platforms employing various service mesh, telemetry, distributed logging technologies, centralized secrets, and managed utilizing GitOps methodologies to oversee all software deployments and infrastructure rollouts
  • Identified cloud waste and prioritized migration to cost reduced cloud native solutions from managed cloud provider "vendor locked" services

Tools utilized: Kubernetes Istio Kustomize Skaffold ArgoCD Argo Workflows Skupper Terraform Docker Envoy Nginx Prometheus Grafana Stackdriver Helm Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Google App Engine rust go nodejs JavaScript gRPC Ansible CloudSQL Azure DevOps Python Azure Kubernetes Service Flask Microservices Postgres Rancher GitHub Actions Vault Docker K3OS Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) kubectl K3s OpenTelemetry git React Angular Jest Mocha Chai Cypress AWS AppMesh AWS CloudMap EC2 Route 53

EDF Renewables

Senior Software Engineer

September 2018 - September 2019
  • Worked as an individual contributor and founding member of a handful of product teams throughout the global organization relating to asset downtime (wind and solar) working with a multitude of technologies on all components (frontend / backend / cloud infrastructure)
  • Architected distributed systems for on-prem, edge sites and cloud native hybrid infrastructure and services throughout the organization spread over a wide array of climates, geographies, environments and regions
  • Developed, released and managed the delivery of the “EDF Edge Industrial IOT Cloud Platform” to allow the organization to build and deliver software products to interface directly with remote assets rapidly and reliably.
  • Built out collaborative machine learning platform and pipelines to allow teams of data scientists to cooperate with one another and utilize software source control management and automation to deliver on their goals
  • Implemented continuous delivery pipelines in a variety of tools as a catalyst to motivate teams to adopt automated build and deploy pipelines, test driven development, as well as containerized workloads
  • Developed product in collaboration with AWS ProServe team for ingestion of solar asset data to enterprise Datalake utilizing Ansible, AWS Greengrass, MQTT, IoT and IoT Analytics (Project presented at AWS Re:Invent 2018)
  • Software solutions evangelist heavily involved in the recruitment efforts of software engineering organization within North America and facilitator of team retrospectives

Tools utilized: Kubernetes Istio Kustomize Skaffold Flux CloudBuild kubeadm Terraform Docker Envoy Nginx Prometheus Grafana Stackdriver Helm Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Google App Engine (GKE) nodejs JavaScript gRPC Ansible gulp CloudSQL Azure DevOps Python Azure Kubernetes Service AWS Lambda Microservices Postgres AWS Greengrass Amazon IOT AWS IOT Analytics Docker AWS EKS .NET Core SQL Server 2019 Angular 6 Azure Cloud Platform S3 Vagrant Kubectl Amazon Web Services AWS API Gateway DynamoDB ElasticSearch Jaeger OpenTracing AWS RDS git React Angular Jest Mocha Chai Cypress AWS AppMesh AWS CloudMap EC2 Route 53

May 2016 - September 2018
  • Worked on J.D. Power Award winning IoT products with a lean agile team employing kanban and XP principles with a very heavy focus on TDD & BDD
  • Full-stack cloud engineer working primarily in Amazon Web Services with javascript and nodejs
  • Architected and developed solutions for migrating existing Microsoft infrastructure from Rackspace cloud to a message driven microservice architecture residing within AWS on elastic containers
  • Crafted REST and streaming socket APIs for multiple internal teams as well as external customers
  • Deployed solutions for Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Wink integrations of Emerson Wi-Fi thermostats using AWS lambda and Docker containers
  • Responsible for all internal & customer facing web portal and applications developed using a myriad of technologies, javascript, erlang, php, rabbitmq, HAProxy, nginx, redis, postgres, mysql, angular and craft cms
  • Enhanced continuous integration and delivery efforts and managed multi environment cloud configuration using jenkins, ansible, git, gulp and python w/ boto3 and awscli
  • Accommodated numerous energy providers by constructing a partner API to be utilized for enrollment and control of customer thermostats during demand response energy rebate events
  • Held accountable for uptime of all backend services during shifts of a weekly rotating 24/7 on call role
  • Lead bi-weekly stakeholder demos, facilitated team retrospectives and assisted in candidate interview processes
  • Unified Salesforce CRM, Salesforce IOT and Salesforce Marketing Cloud into connected home products
  • Evaluated, assessed and cost reduced various public cloud offerings, providers and tools

Tools utilized: Ubuntu Linux Mac OSX nodejs JavaScript Underscore Q jQuery HAProxy Amazon Alexa Google Assistant SmartThings API Ansible gulp Jenkins Python PhantomJS AWS Lambda Microservices RabbitMQ Amazon SQS AWS IOT C# php HTML5 & CSS3 oAuth Salesforce Salesforce IOT Apex SOQL Express EJS Angular Google APIs Craft CMS S3 Docker Vagrant Apache2 Varnish Rackspace Cloud Amazon Web Services AWS API Gateway DynamoDB MySQL postgres AWS RDS git Mocha Chai Sketch AWS EC2 Container Service EC2 Route 53

Emerson Electric Company

Software Engineer

November 2014 - May 2016
  • Championed a substantial request volume reduction from internal support teams regarding customer Wi-Fi thermostats by placing heavy focus on the creation of self service internal tooling and data dashboards
  • Oversaw containerized server cluster using AWS EC2 container service (ECS)
  • Administrator of RDS (postgres), elasticcache (redis), as well as ElasticSearch clusters in multiple environments
  • Consulted on solutions for initial Amazon Alexa integration of programmable Wi-Fi thermostat using AWS Lambda and nodejs
  • Architected solutions for multiple thermostat management portal for enterprise clients using nodejs and react
  • Developed mobile installation wizard for non-connected thermostats using angular, php and Salesforce
  • Worked closely with marketing, UX, support and product teams to develop and deploy applications for various IoT products and prototypes
  • Facilitated development of performance monitoring software for products in brick and mortar stores
  • Integrated payment gateways and order processing with automated third party order fulfillment center
  • Managed consumer facing product web presences and e-commerce applications
  • Evaluated and assessed software needs for development tools, a/b testing and assorted SaaS/web services

Tools utilized: Ubuntu Linux Mac OSX nodejs JavaScript Underscore Q jQuery Ansible gulp Jenkins Python PhantomJS AWS Lambda Microservices RabbitMQ Amazon SQS AWS IOT C# php HTML5 & CSS3 oAuth Salesforce Salesforce IOT Apex SOQL Express Lusca Angular Google APIs DustJS Wordpress Craft CMS S3 Docker Vagrant Apache2 Varnish Rackspace Cloud Amazon Web Services AWS API Gateway DynamoDB MySQL postgres AWS RDS git Mocha Chai Sketch AWS EC2 Container Service EC2 Route 53

Listener Approved

Founder & CEO

April 2010 - November 2014

At Listener Approved we created tools and applications for independent artists, producers, promoters, venues, festivals, and other various industry professionals to better bridge the gap between music and technology. We also worked directly with artists, venues, promoters, labels, managers and agents, to develop custom solutions to better suit the technical needs of the music industry.

Our core product, Listener Approved, was an open platform that promoted free independent music by empowering independent musicians to better promote themselves, their events, and their works of art. We also put the power of recommendation in the hands of the listeners by completely relying on them to determine the songs and artists they like. Through either up-voting or down-voting a song, listeners have the ability to highlight the new music submitted by any musician that uses the platform, curating the highest rated tracks to the top of the Listener Approved charts for their peers to enjoy.

  • Worked with and managed a team of 10 to create from scratch a horizontally scalable nodejs backend with multiple fault tolerant fail-overs (n-tier)
  • Developed a handful of frontend applications using jquery, underscore sass and bootstrap running on custom nodejs static server middleware
  • Interfaced with Google (OAuth, YouTube, Storage and Maps), Facebook (OAuth and Graph API), Twitter, Foursqaure and PayPal APIs
  • Oversaw, managed and maintained public and private API methods written in javascript (nodejs) utilizing a sharded mongodb cluster and mysql on RDS for document based storage and relational storage respectively
  • Orchestrated VM server instances using puppet configuration management software & a custom git CLI running on AWS EC2 as well as within Linode’s VPS cloud
  • Developed prototype mobile applications for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone 7 using java, objective-c and c#
  • Tasked with other responsibilities including business development, general administration, finance, marketing, human resources etc

Tools utilized: Ubuntu Linux nodejs mongodb MySQL JavaScript jQuery Underscore Async Puppet Java Objective-C C# HTML5 & CSS3 oAuth Facebook Graph API Twitter API YouTube API Foursquare API PayPal API Google APIs Android iOS Windows Phone 7 Google Storage CloudFlare Amazon Web Services EC2 RDS git FFmpeg Photoshop Illustrator Sublime Text 2 Eclipse X code



November 2012 - November 2014

PassDefense was a service that offered developers an API to better secure and store their users authentication credentials. By separating personal information from passwords, the mission at PassDefense was to make it simple for application developers of any background to authenticate and secure their user's data.

  • Developed customer admin panel, marketing materials and developer portal using jquery, underscore, less, bootstrap, running on a custom nodejs static server middleware
  • Crafted public and private OAuth and identity API
  • Warden of pet ubuntu server machines but configured using puppet

Tools utilized: Ubuntu Linux nodejs MySQL JavaScript jQuery Underscore Async Puppet HTML5 & CSS3 Google Storage CloudFlare Stripe API Amazon Web Services EC2 RDS git

Veterans United

Web Developer

August 2010 - December 2010
  • Managed full stack development of Facebook application, militarybasebook, using html, css, javascript and php relying on heavy use of the Facebook graph API v1
  • Managed mysql database using phpmyadmin
  • Collaborative project development using svn

University of Missouri Division of Information Technology

Support Specialist

May 2010 - August 2010
  • Campus wide administrator of network devices, resolving issues with a variety of computer systems, workstations, and peripheral hardware
  • Provide second-tier support for products and services offered by the combined IT division, support customers by assisting in training and performing hardware and software installations
  • Manage remote team of consultants, making certain all employees are on time and all sites are staffed
  • Support administrative processes such as teaching and learning, research, service, and economic development

Clark Insurance Agency

Systems Administrator

March 2006 - May 2008
  • Responsible for the strategic development and implementation of cost-effective technology as well as small business solutions
  • System Administrator of company network, responsible for configuration and maintenance for a wide array of Windows based workstations, and peripheral hardware
  • Setup company email server and implemented and deployed new workgroup servers and network firewall filters, providing complete system support and training
  • Client Database Management - AMS Systems & web development using joomla, and later wordpress


Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies
Computer Science & Information Technology
June 2008 - May 2014 (In Progress)